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FR-8-06 page 5 Sample Pasture Lease Agreement Not a legal document. I. Parties This lease entered into this day of between landlord of pasture owner address hereafter known as the landlord and tenant of livestock owner II. Property Description The landlord hereby leases to the tenant to occupy and use for pasture purposes the following described property consisting of approximately acres situated in County Counties State and on any other land that the landlord may designate by mutual...
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Hi I'm Jay Jenkins extension range livestock systems educator for university of nebraska-lincoln extension I'm going to discuss developing pasture leases before I get started I want to acknowledge dr. Bruce Johnson and Alan vinylic from whom I've borrowed slides and ideas as I've developed this presentation leasing is extremely important to American agriculture the Midwest and northern Great Plains have a high percentage of a gland that's leased or rented if we zoom into Nebraska we see that only in Grant and Garden counties is less than 25 percent of the egg production land lease 35 counties have greater than half of their farmland being rented these numbers are based on the 2007 census of Agriculture so the numbers are probably a little different today but it serves to illustrate the important role that leasing plays in American agriculture today I'm going to make the assumption that you are interested in developing a fair lease agreements that treat both parties fairly have more staying power they're more likely to be renewed they're more likely to be followed and they're more able to be enforced price is usually the first thing ranchers think about when they're deciding whether or not a lease agreement is fair ranchers are used to relatively transparent markets with regards to price you can watch the video action or visit the auction market and see for yourself what others are paying if you can't visit the market then you can always listen to the market report on the radio or go to the USDA our AG marketing service website to read the latest report the pasture lease market on the other hand is not that transparent fortunately there is survey data available that can help get you in the ballpark each June the UNL AG econ Department publishes Nebraska farm real estate market highlights the state is divided into eight statistics districts the survey results are reported by those districts rates for both per acre and per pair per month pasture leases are reported while it's not true in every case per acre leases tend to be year-round leases of the land other than local supply and demand affects the price of all kinds of leases per acre leases are most affected by pasture productivity the more grass a pasture produces the more valuable it is on a per acre basis that's why the regions of the state with higher average rainfall also have higher per acre pasture rental rates per pair per month leases are essentially a sale of a given amount of grass on the other hand there are most often grazing season long leases these survey numbers reflect primarily grazing that is occurring during the summer growing season typically the five months unlike per acre leases where pasture productivity explains most of the price differences most of the price difference in per pair per month leases is due to the level of care provided by the landowner the high price range is reflective of full care leases where the landowner does everything checks and moves the cattle...
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